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Ubuntu Associates is committed to rendering a quality service of the highest standard, specifically seeking to meet the needs of clients. In addition to rendering quality service, the firm is committed to acting in line with the spirit of empowered transformation by engaging and training persons who display qualities typical of successful executive researchers. The firm sees this as a direct contribution to building the nation, and developing the abundant but underdeveloped human resources of its indigenous people.

Our corporate philosophy is to exceed clients' expectations. This is achieved by offering a holistic approach to providing expert industry advice about human resources issues with a professional touch.

We invest in a thorough understanding of our clients' business operations, in the belief that complete involvement is fundamental to the development of any human resources solution.

Ubuntu Associates complements the personal attention, commitment, and discretion of the major international search firms with local industry experience, thus enabling us to provide a superior service at realistic local market-related rates. Presently we have over twenty five years’ combined experience in Merchant and Investment Banking.

“Where Executive Search and Investment Banking Knowledge uniquely converge!”

A Company director or senior associate will personally attend to clients who approach Ubuntu Associates and will liase with the client as its Account Manager. This Account Manager oversees the client’s assignment and ensures that the specific recruitment needs are met timeously. Ubuntu Associates undertakes extensive and professional research to source the appropriate prospects.

Candidate pre-selection means that Ubuntu Associates screens its candidates through an extensive and thorough interviewing process. Interviews are structured around the requirements of each assignment. Pre-selection ensures that only the most suitable candidates are introduced to clients. Once appropriate candidates have been matched for the position, the client interviewing process begins. Ubuntu Associates acts as a facilitator and advisor, helping both parties to arrive at a suitable agreement, and where necessary, offering suggestions for remuneration packages. If a client does not wish to go ahead with a proposed candidate, other suitable candidates will be made available to that client.

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