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Ubuntu Associates will be nationally recognised as the most innovative national Executive Search and Recruitment firm in South Africa. We will manage the changing economic, cultural, and technological corporate landscape aggressively by providing our clients with a level of excellence that surpasses their highest expectations. Our people and our organisation will come to represent the ideal business partner for corporations eager to develop stability and manage growth.

Ubuntu Associates strives to be the professional service provider of choice in NGOs, government, private sector and parastatals, helping our clients maximise their potential; and to be the socially conscious employer of choice with an afro-centric value system, among professionals and other categories of employees in the country.


In the performance of our business, Ubuntu Associates is committed to answerability and transparency and promises allegiance to the following values:
Dedicated Excellence – We aim to render a dedicated service par excellence, with the emphasis both on cost saving and quality service, thus meeting and exceeding client expectations;

Total Quality – We provide a service that satisfies our client and we are committed to continual evaluation and improvement;

Respect for Each Other – We welcome diversity and recognise the worthiness of all people. We strive toward developing a relationship with clients based on mutual respect and understanding whilst respecting society, the environment and the individual;

Ethics – We strive to apply and advance ethical practices in our business and in the market sector, thus maintaining the highest levels of integrity in all dealings with clients.

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