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Our standard professional fee for conducting an

Executive Search Assignment is 20% of the successful candidate's total cost to company compensation for the first year of employment.

Total Cost to Company includes basic cash salary, 13th cheque, guaranteed bonus, travel allowance, housing allowance, entertainment allowance, reimbursive allowance, use of company vehicle, free housing, stock / equity, stock / equity options paid by way of restraint and / or "golden hello". Any compensation denominated in a foreign currency will be assessed on the Rand equivalent on the date of engagement of the candidate. This fee will be invoiced as a non-refundable retainer in TWO instalments. The FIRST invoice (Research & Shortlist Fee) of 10% will be sent shortly after our services are retained; the SECOND and FINAL fee of 10% following submission of our candidate shortlist AND appointment of a successful candidate. Invoices for our professional services are due and payable upon receipt. If the successful candidate's total compensation for the first year is greater than initially calculated levels, the client is invoiced accordingly at the end of the search. Our invoices will reflect Value Added Tax which is payable by the client.

Additional monthly retainers may be billed if an unexpected change in the Position Specification is initiated by someone in your organisation or where an organisational change disrupts or prolongs the assignment.

To assure the client of a comprehensive and thorough search, we include in our evaluation process any potential candidate for this position whom clients may be considering or may consider, including current employees. Our fee applies to any candidate our client selects and hires. If, as a consequence of this engagement, any individual we have presented as a prospective candidate is employed by you for a different position within six months from introduction, a fee of 15% of the individual's first full year's total cost to company compensation (salary, bonus and incentives) will be due and payable to Ubuntu Associates upon employment.

Ubuntu Associates accepts executive search assignments on an exclusive and non-contingent basis. If the assignment is cancelled prior to being successfully completed, our client will be obligated for fees and expenses incurred to date of cancellation, plus any agreed expenses that have been incurred since the last invoice and any costs associated with terminating the assignment.

Our standard professional fee for

Contingent Recruitment is 15% of the successful candidate's total cost to company compensation for the first year of employment.

The Placement Fee is due and payable upon presentation of invoice, and will follow the appointment of a candidate.

Ubuntu Associates maintains an active quality programme in an ongoing effort to enhance the services we provide. At the conclusion of each assignment, we ask our clients to comment on various aspects of our performance during the course of the search. This feedback provides valuable insight for us in our continuing efforts to provide quality services and successful results.

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