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Ubuntu Associates offers a tailored service that is suited to the unique needs and particular situation of each client. Candidates are pre-selected through individual personal meetings that are structured around basic criteria. These criteria are determined by the specific requirements of each assignment.

A commitment to finding the most suitable candidate for the appointment, has led to Ubuntu Associates’ establishment of a broad data-base that ranges from newly qualified, first-time job seekers to highly qualified and experienced personnel in key positions. In the latter case candidates are discreetly approached, the parties are brought together, with Ubuntu Associates acting as a facilitator and mediator. Candidates who meet the specific requirements of an assignment are introduced to the client.

A unique approach that centres on the formation of a collaborative recruitment partnership with clients enables Ubuntu Associates to promote a two-way relationship based on communication and mutual trust. This ensures that Ubuntu Associates is effective in identifying the most suitable candidates for a client’s assignment.

To ensure that the rights of clients and candidates are protected, Ubuntu Associates operates within the framework of Labour Law legislation, keeping itself up to date with any developments in this area. Ubuntu Associates protects the privacy of clients and candidates by handling all assignments with discretion and sensitivity.

Ubuntu Associates is able to apply its working knowledge of the investment and retail banking, financial services and information technology sectors to the CVs that we produce. CVs are subject to the ethic of integrity that forms the foundation of our business. Candidates' positive and negative attributes and detailed working histories are openly presented to clients, together with honest comments about the candidate concerned.

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