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Candidates are pooled from Ubuntu Associates' database of over 55,000 individuals. They include such professionals as qualified chartered accountants, attorneys, stockbrokers, treasury specialists, actuarial specialists, corporate financiers, project financiers, management consultants, senior financial managers and information technology specialists.

Candidates either approach or are approached by Ubuntu Associates and asked to submit a detailed CV. After having personally met with and interviewed a candidate in accordance with the guidelines of a specific assignment, a consultant restructures the candidate's CV, detailing his or her character traits and performance history. The consultant then provides his insight into the candidate's unique capability to become an asset to the client. The Information is presented to the client with a synopsis of the consultant's impressions of the candidate.

If a candidate is not selected for an assignment, his or her details are added to our database and periodically updated to be matched for future job opportunities. All candidates are treated with the highest ethical conduct. The consultant will inform the candidate where he wishes to send a CV, allowing a candidate the option of consent or denial. Candidate applications are managed in confidence and with the utmost discretion.

Ubuntu Associates is aware of, and therefore operates within the boundaries of POPI and other Labour Law legislation. Because candidates' legal rights are respected, they are neither forced nor intimidated into disclosing information about themselves that falls outside of the parameters of the POPI Act.

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